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If you want your space to have the best interior design in Singapore, we can make it happen for you!

As one of the best professional interior designers in Singapore, we work toward creating modern spaces that reflect your personality and uniqueness.

Our interior design services are for all types of projects, such as HDB (Housing Development Board), condominiums, service apartments, landed property, commercial buildings, and Retail outlets.

As a Best Interior Designers in Singapore, we have luxury interior designs to budget friendly interior designs for both commercial and residential properties. Experts in Amaze created Luxury Interior Design Singapore inorder to cater clients who desire exclusive and lavish interiors for their home.

Whether it is a residential or commercial property, we pay close attention to what our clients want and ensure that the quality of the end result is nothing less than the best.

And that’s why we are able to create an enduring impact on our clients.

We strongly believe that the space you live or work in is not just about how it looks, it’s more than that. It’s all about how it makes you feel.

Yes, such spaces do exist! And it does not happen by chance.

Creating best Home Interior Design Singapore in such a space might seem unattainable when you don’t have an incredible designer around you.

Nowadays, some people like traditional touch in their home, works, etc; so they also include traditional wood works while renovating or constructing a home, building, whatever else. Amaze also has Carpentry Services Singapore as our experts are giving special look and touch to your space with skilfully chiseled. With a blend of creativity, precision, and patience, our sculptors transform simple blocks of wood into mesmerizing works of art, ranging from lifelike figurines to ornate decorations.

However, professional interior designers like Amaze Interiors take the time to plan and create great spaces that fit your personality.


HDB, Condominiums, Service Apartments, and Landed Property Owners:

Since you are here, we understand that you were looking for “HDB Interior Design Singapore or Residential Interior Design Singapore.”

Or maybe you got the keys to your new landed property, and like almost everyone, the next thing you might be looking for is the “Best Landed House Design Singapore” to renovate your house.

In either case, you are at the right place!

At Amaze Interior Design, we come up with plenty of modern interior design ideas for you to choose from.

Our ideas are a perfect blend of your needs, and available space, with a flavor of our expertise as an interior design company in Singapore.

You will be surprised by what we could achieve design-wise with your property.

There is a chance that you find it a daunting task to get started with, and we understand that; after all, the entire renovation process involves lots of decision-making.

However, by hiring Amaze Interiors, your property’s renovation work is in the right hands, as it is taken care of by the top interior designers in Singapore.

We use 3D designs to help you gain clarity on your needs and what you could accomplish with your space.

By making the right plans, we can define your space in a way that brings your vision to life.

So, you no longer have to be worried about all the confusion that generally comes along with the interior design process; we take care of all that and keep you away from it.

Worried about not having enough space?

Space Planning to Your Rescue

With apartments getting smaller every year, space is becoming a significant concern for homeowners.

Keeping this in mind, we conduct careful space planning to ensure that you make the most out of the space you are given.

Space planning is an integral part of our design process. Our expert interior design team takes into account how your space could be used to accomplish your dream.

This helps us in planning the placement of architectural features, design elements, and furniture and in delivering an appealing yet functional indoor environment.

In short, we maximize your space without compromising safety and accessibility.

Our Space Planning Process

We invest time in comprehending your living style. For instance, let us consider your kitchen; We will try to understand how you utilize your kitchen space.

Are you a fan of dining at the kitchen island? When it comes to arranging your kitchen appliances, how much space do you require on the countertops? And how much space might you need to store things?

With the information you give us, we can make the layout of your kitchen fit your needs and tastes.

Similar considerations apply to the remaining rooms.



Interior design projects completed. From residential space to commercial property, we have successfully delivered more than 300+ projects.


Happy clients. We have fulfilled our client's dreams by creating spaces that inspire their life. And that’s our way of making them happy.


Expert designers. We are a team of more than 20 expert designers. These great minds come together to define your dream space.

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