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About Amaze

Sustainable Interior Designers

With you and the planet in mind


Amaze Interior Design Pte Ltd is a fast-growing interior design firm specializing in soft furnishings for homeowners and business owners.

With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, we have a good understanding of various interior styles that can work well to bring an elegant and modern look to a home or office.

Even after many years in the industry, we believe there is always a better way to do interior design. Our design concepts are up-to-date and suit modern lifestyles.

As a way to give back to the planet, we strive to create sustainable spaces using eco-friendly furniture and other materials. Whatever your taste in furniture, we have sustainable options available.

Our portfolio of interior design work includes a wide range of services, such as interior design, decoration, and remodeling for HDB, condominiums, service apartments, landed property, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bistro & cafes, retail outlets, and all other commercial spaces.

When a new project comes our way, we get very excited about the opportunity to use our clearly defined process to streamline everything that is associated with the process of interior designing or renovating a space.

We believe that everyone deserves a space that reflects their lifestyle; a place where they can relax after a long day or a space that inspires them to be their best.

Amaze - Logo Overview

The logo of Amaze Interior Design Pte Ltd symbolizes the firm’s commitment to create innovative and sustainable spaces. Featuring a geometric design, it echoes our expertise in organized and stylish interior designs. The use of green emphasizes our dedication to eco-friendly practices, while orange signifies our creativity and enthusiasm for vibrant design solutions.

Company Philosophy

Amaze Interior Design is a rapidly expanding firm specializing in soft furnishings and comprehensive interior solutions. With over a decade of industry experience, we offer services that span from residential projects to commercial spaces, including homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants. Our modern design concepts are tailored to meet contemporary lifestyles, ensuring every space is both elegant and functional.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our company is deeply invested in sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly furniture and materials to create environmentally responsible designs. This approach is reflected in our logo and underscores the mission to provide sustainable options for various tastes and preferences.

Client-Centric Approach

Amaze Interior Design’s logo, with its bold and clear presentation, conveys professionalism and trust. We focus on creating spaces that reflect our clients’ unique lifestyles, aiming to make each project a stress-free and exciting experience. The firm’s streamlined process ensures that every detail in the interior designing or renovating journey is handled with precision and care.

Our Vision

To be among the top 5 interior designers in Singapore by creating value for our customers and employees.

OUR Mission

To make the interior design process a joyful journey for our clients and empower them to dream bigger for their space.

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What Keeps Us Inspired?

It all begins with you!

Your trust in our commitment to you is our greatest motivating factor.

As a design firm, we are committed to

Our Team
Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Villa Architect
Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Villa Architect
Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Villa Architect
Years of experience. We have been working towards creating a space that matches our clients' vision.
Happy Residential and Commercial clients. We have fulfilled our client's dreams by creating spaces that inspire their life. ​
Expert designers. We are a team of more than 20 expert designers. These great minds come together to define your dream space.